Participating in the Worldwide Apartment and Studio Biennale
meaning that you’re willing to self-organise and conduct an art exhibition (group or solo) or another art event (screening, performance, etc.) in a private place, which could be artist’s studio / apartment / or another location initially not presumed to be an exhibition space*.

We offer
Developed concept and experience base for apartment and studio exhibitions. The time frame will unite various independent projects worldwide in the Bienniale programme with a declared common topic to address.
Biennale is a not-for-profit initiative, build solely on the ambition of its founders, hence can’t financially support any of the participants. Nevertheless, Biennale can provide the necessary confirmations letters to apply for local grants support.
Projects, included in the Biennale programme will be announced on the website, social media and will be included in the WASBiennale digital catalogue, with some copies to be printed eventually*.

Participants will be asked
to present an exhibition concept, all supporting information (artist and curators cv, artworks reproductions etc.) in advance to be included in the Biennale programme.
Afterwards – full documentation of the event, held in their space (quality photos – a must, and video – if possible), including separate exposition shots and public presentation documentation.
Any local information about their show and WASBiennale (press, social networks screen-shots etc.)**.

* Catalogue will be created after all Biennale events will take place. 
** Full participation terms will be sent to confirmed participants

To apply for WAS Biennale please send the following documents to not later than 10th February 2019:
- Filled in Application form
- PDF presentation of the proposed exhibition

Please take care of:
– Titles of both of your files 
should contain the name of the applicant (e.g. D_Hirst_WASBiennale_Application_Form_2019.pdf; D_Hirst_WASBiennale_Proposal_2019.pdf);
– All the texts should be written in English;
– Your email shouldn‘t extend 15 mb.